Questions or problems reported by POP-C++ users

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This page allows POP-C++ users to ask questions or to notice problems to POP-C++ developers.

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  1. P.Kuonen: The compiler does not accept declarations of enum, struct, class or typedef in the header of a parclass if these declarations are BEFORE or INSIDE the parclass declaration, they must be AFTER the parclass. We can turn around this problem by making a forward declaration of the class (or struct or enum,…) before the parclass and by putting the full declaration after the parclass.
  2. P.Kuonen & M.Bavay: const parameters or functions are not always properly implemented in parclass. Currently no-solution, we are working on.
  3. M.Bavay: namespace is not properly interpreted in parclass. Currently no-solution, we are working on.
  4. P.Kuonen: inline methods are not implemented in parclass. This is NORMAL as the execution is remote (inlining is impossible).
  5. P.Kuonen: cout on remote node does not work (but “printf” works..). Should be fixed in future releases.
  6. M.Bavay: A message like undefined symbol: _Z9parocmainiPPc means that the POP-C++ compiler have used the ”-fPIC” flag when linking. This does not work for now (because POP-C++ is not compiled dynamicaly). It must then be recompiled by ensuring that ”-fPIC” flag is not used when linking.
  7. P.Kuonen: When passing array parameter to methods of a ”parclass” the syntax ”x[]” is not accepted by the compiler, you must use the syntax ”*x”.
  8. S.Nussbaum: The compiler does not accept ”const” attributes (see point 2). [D.Zanella:] rigth now ”const” attributes works only following way: ”const int” (”int const” or constant Pointers returns an error at parsing).
  9. S.Nussbaum: The compiler does not accept ”enum” in “parclass” (see point 1).
  10. P.Kuonen: The POP-C++ parser does not support forward parclass declaration. Currently no-solution.
  11. P.Kuonen: The POP-C++ parser does not detect inconsistent multiple semantics declaration for a method. Example: seq conc void methodA(). Currently no-solution.
  12. P.Kuonen: When a method of a parclass returns a reference to a parlass the normal syntax for the declaration should be ”returnedParclass& methodX()”. Due to a bug in the POP-C++ parser this syntax is not accepted. You must use the “incorrect syntax” ”returnedParclass methodX()” (without the ”&”). Then the compiler will give you a warning indicating you that he will consider that this syntax is AS IF you indicated the ”&”, and everything will compile and run correctly.
  13. D.Zanella: C++ allows you to call a method of an object following way : ObjectPointer→ClassName::Methode(). Don't do that for parclasses ! Depending where this code is written, the ClassName is handled the wrong way by the POP-C++ parser.
  14. P.Kuonen: Pure virtual methods in parclass does not compile. To be solved in future releases.
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