Latest version

The latest release of POP-C++ is version 3.0 (beta version unstable)

Get the latest version of POP-C++ at HEIA-FR:

The main improvement introduced by the release 3.0 are:

  • Asynchronous creation of parallel objects
  • Switch to Git and Github
  • Switch to CMake
  • Bug fixes
  • Support for Unified Domain Socket combox
  • Refactorings / Cleanup of the source base
  • Removal of POPString: Use of std::string is now possible
  • Improve exception catching and logging in the core of POP-C++
  • . . .

Latest stable version

Demo programs

A set of demo programs is available here inside the sources of POP-C++. You can find very simple examples on how to program in POP-C++ in examples/ and more advanced demos in the demos/ directory.

Previous stable versions

The previous stable release of POP-C++ can be downloaded here but are not supported anymore.

Get the old (non supported anymore) versions of POP-C++ at EIA-FR:

Cygwin version

Get the version of POP-C++ for Cygwin to be able to run POP-C++ on Windows through Cygwin. This release is based on version 1.1.1 and is not maintained anymore. We do not recommend the usage of this version.

If you just want to download the “Installation Guide for POP-C++ 1.1.1 for Cygwin”, click here

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