Parallel Programming with C++

POP-C++ is a comprehensive object-oriented system for developing HPC applications in large, heterogeneous, parallel and distributed computing infrastructures. It consists of a programming suite (language, compiler) and a run-time system for running POP-C++ applications.

POP stands for: Parallel Object Programming, nevertheless the POP model is suitable to efficiently used parallel environments (multi-core) as well as distributed environments (multi-machines).

POP-C++ language is minimal an extension of C++ programming language that implements the parallel object model (POP) including resource management using a requirement-driven approach.

A implementation of the POP model as an extension of Java is on-going (POP-Java) and will be available soon.


The new version of POP-C++ 2.5 is available here!

You are new with POP-C++: Getting started guide for POP-C++ version 2.5

You will find here full information about POP-C++: User guide for POP-C++ version 2.5

If you just want to see the changes since the last stable version : Release Notes

Getting started with POP-C++

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